In the past 23 years we have organized more than 2,000 projects. We have specialized in a number of themes over the years and managed to build a large network. Sometimes a physical meeting or fully digital and the other time a combination of the two (hybrid). From small internal events to large public events with and without a content component. Ranging from talk shows from a professional studio with and without break-outs, a product launch, innovation lunches, expert sessions to award shows and podcast series. But also international summits with world leaders and heavy security measures. Ultimately, your event strategy is about results. About resounding deliverables that contribute to larger goals. Events that require specific organisational skills. Skills that PINO inherently possesses.

View the projects we are very proud of.

Ghana’s GC3B event on Cyber Expertise

Bangladesh platform meeting

Bright perspectives on Marketing

International conference in Athens

Byondis 10th anniversary celebration

King opens Floating Office Rotterdam

Step into the future

24 hours – online worldwide

High Level Conference on Synthetic SAF

Global Commission on Adaptation

Crossing borders at IENE 2018

European Aviation Summit

Schiphol 100 years

Global Health Security Agenda 2016

Global Conference on CyberSpace

Nuclear Safety Summit

Nuclear Security Summit

Do you want to organize a week full of activities, break-out sessions and keynotes?