PINO at climate summit in Dubai

Our work and service have no boundaries

In early December 2023, the whole world gathered in Dubai for the COP28 climate summit. PINO was also present to organise eight events for the Global Centre on Adaptation (GCA). How did we contribute to these historic moments?

The Global Centre on Adaptation (GCA) is committed to climate adaptation. This is therefore the common thread for the eight events during COP28. For example, funding for climate-friendly projects on the African continent was a topic of discussion. Or how young people are crucial to the future of climate adaptation. CEO of GCA, Professor Patrick Verkooijen, was present in Dubai to conduct the important dialogue on the issues, as well as on appropriate solutions and innovations.

PINO ensured that these dialogues ran flawlessly. During the eight events at the summit, as well as outside, we supported in logistics, protocol and audio-visual technology. We were the connecting link between the GCA team and local organisers and technicians.

And of course, this only works when we are on location: our partner and project manager Tessy Miltenburg-Van den Brand was in Dubai for a fortnight. Together with The Productioneers, the PINO team was two strong.

Organising an event abroad is quite a task: different cultures, local regulations or different materials than what you are used to. Yet always wanting to strive for quality and good results. PINO has the expertise to make new and unknown places to our field of work. This is all about leveraging local connections, understanding cultural nuances and bringing technical knowledge.

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