Schiphol 100 years

100 cheers for Schiphol

On 19 September 2016, Schiphol celebrated its 100th anniversary. The airport organized a big celebration Travellers, employees, partners and business relations of Schiphol could not ignore it. From early in the morning until late in the evening they were treated to festive activities, which had been quietly prepared by the project team months before. PINO was part of the project team. Paul Luijten, Schiphol’s external relations director at the time: ‘PINO, in the person of Tessy Miltenburg, was characterised by its hands-on mentality, which made our 100th anniversary a real celebration for everyone. Under the radar, but still firmly holding the reins.’

Part of the party

PINO is proud to have been part of this unique celebration. As a member of the project team, Tessy was allowed to coordinate the activities for this special anniversary. ‘This memorable day is now etched once and for all in my timeline as well. As a member of the project team, it is very special to be close to the realization of such a grand and all-transcending event.


Because 100 years of history provides a tremendous amount of information and moments. This requires both a good helicopter view and an excellent coordinating role. As a member of the project team, PINO fit this role like no other.”

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