Meet the PINO team

PINO advises you on the best event strategy and develops it into creative concepts and effective communication. Our execution to perfection will then deliver you the intended result. We challenge ourselves to come up with a concept that is as thoughtful as it is surprising. An approach that not only works on paper, but above all in practice. Would you like to exploit the possibilities of live, online or hybrid meetings? Then let’s meet soon.

Lies van der Boon

Project manager

‘With great precision and pleasure I organise every event from A to Z.

Roza Borren

Communication consultant / Project manager

‘A good start, is half the battle!’

Roos Buys

Project manager

With a big smile, I make every meeting a party

Isabelle Cleusters

Communication consultant / Project manager

‘With communication I give a creative twist to your event strategy.

Jeroen Coers

Partner / Project manager

‘Life is one big event!’

Allet Douma

Project manager

‘Even my friends call me Allet-of-the-planning.

Suzanne van Elteren

Financial employee / Project assistant

‘Supprting the project managers and make sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

Sofie Wiltenburg

Project manager

The best part of my job is organising events that inspire and contribute to the development of yourself or the company.

Cathelijn van Kleef

Project manager

‘If plan A doesn’t work, then the alphabet still has 25 letters left.

Thomas Klink

Project manager

‘From idea to execution, I’m at your disposal!

Tessy Miltenburg

Partner / Project manager

‘Designing an event down to perfection, matching the client’s needs and objectives.’ That gives me energy!

Rogier Mulder

Partner / Project manager

What drives me every day? Together with the client and speakers, creating a programme that really strikes the target group.

Maaike Neven

Project manager

‘From idea to a tightly organised event.

Lynn van Rennes

Project manager

International, multi-day, with abstracts and lots of different sessions? I can handle your meeting.

Pieter Schure

Partner / Project manager

‘The more concrete the better.

Sanna van Veen

Trainee project management

‘Alone you may go faster, but together you get further!’

Lourien Verweij

Project manager

‘Unburdening my client from the kick-off to the execution of the event.

Manou Vries

Trainee project management

Collaboration is the key to success!

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