International water experts meet at Waterproof 2024

Thematic panel discussion, deep-dive sessions, information market and networking

Tuesday morning, Feb 6, 2024. Early in the morning, we were already present at the historic venue DeFabrique in Utrecht. The industrial venue, with its various halls and sheds, still looked deserted – the calm before the storm. As we went for a final lap, we put the finishing touches to the event and set up the registration desk. We were ready to welcome nearly 400 professionals from the water sector.

On this Tuesday, in collaboration with Partners for Water, we organised the Waterproof 2024 event in Utrecht. A meeting in which water professionals came together to reflect on steps that can be taken to improve global water safety and water security.

We facilitated 3 panel discussions, 13 different deep-dive sessions and networking opportunities during both lunch and drinks. We also held an information market, where 12 different organisations had set up their own stands with unique branding. Visitors could gather or exchange knowledge here.

A special moment during the event was the award show of the Partners For Water Award. More than 300 people cast their votes to recognise the impact of one of the three nominated projects. We managed the voting module and closely monitored the voting. At the end of the event, we closed the voting and announced the winner to the organisers.

It was an event with an international character. Besides water envoy Meike van Ginneken, water professionals from diverse backgrounds, from the public and private sectors, NGOs and knowledge institutions, 2 ambassadors from Bangladesh & Vietnam were also present at Waterproof.

Together with the client, we closed the doors of DeFabrique at the end of the day with a smile on our faces. Finally, we made sure our client, who had missed the last shuttle bus, was taken to the train station. “Taking that extra step for the client? I don’t even think about that, I just do that!” project manager Thomas told us.

Which deep-dive do you want to make?