Global Commission on Adaptation

World's eyes focused on launch in The Hague

A special day! On 16 October 2018, in the Ridderzaal in The Hague, the participating countries and committee members of the Global Commission on Adaption were presented to the whole world. A high-level meeting with a huge impact and a lot of media attention. And even while there was only six weeks for the complete organization. PINO was called in to ‘fix’ things. And that’s what we did! How we managed that? Mathilda Buijtendijk, our client from directorate international of the former Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, talks about it.

‘Since May, we have been working to fill the Global Commission on Adaptation,’ Mathilda explains. The commission is going to convince countries worldwide to arm themselves against the effects of climate change. ‘Over the past few months, more and more states have joined in and we’ve put the committee together. A complicated policy process!’

All hands on deck
“Initially, the intention was to present the commission at the Climate Change Conference at the end of 2018 in Katowice. But it didn’t fit into the programming. So we decided to take advantage of World Food Day on 16 October. Once the ball was in the court, there were only six weeks left to organize the meeting. And that meant all hands on deck.”

Exactly what we needed
PINO was brought in to manage the organization. ‘Afterwards we were very happy with that choice,’ Mathilda explains enthusiastically. ‘They immediately pushed forward a team for the occassion that completely took the pressure off us and provided valuable advice at the right times. Exactly what we needed! Because the meeting kept growing in the last weeks. From 10 to 17 participating countries. And from 15 to 28 committee members. Who of course all had to have a place on the podium.’

Big names
‘And we are talking about big names,’ adds Mathilda. Besides Ban Ki-moon, chairman of the committee, Prime Minister Mark Rutte, former Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen and many foreign dignitaries were also on the podium. ‘For these people, PINO arranged everything down to the last detail. Think of the registration process, communication, transfer from Schiphol, hotel accommodation, press rooms, communication. Everything! We could confidently leave that to this team.’

Always with a smile
But the service went even further! ‘PINO also arranged for Ban Ki-moon to travel to Groningen the next day. The programme was changed when it turned out we had to start 45 minutes later. And that a foreign minister was found who had just gone shopping in the neighbourhood. You name it, they always found a suitable solution. And always with a big smile!”

Joint top performance
By now it is over, but Mathilda often thinks back. What is she most proud of? ‘That we just did it! At one point, when all the committee members were ready for the group photo, I really realized that together we delivered a top performance.’

May we also unburden you?