24 hours – online worldwide

Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS) 2021

On 25 and 26 January, the Netherlands hosted the online Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS) 2021. The goal? Ensuring that our world can withstand the effects of climate change. In collaboration with colleagues from Obsession and Nathan Wiersma, PINO supported the organization in hosting a 24-hour event, worldwide! A varied programme, culminating in the official opening with more than 30 world leaders.


Over 30 world leaders, 50 ministers and 50 international organizations engaged with scientists, the private sector and civil society representatives, young professionals and over 18,500 registered participants during the Climate Adaptation Summit. In 12 different sessions they joined forces to share knowledge, take action and shifting gear in the agenda for a climate-proof future in 2030. 300 speakers shared their insights and plans, while partners from all over the world contributed to CAS 2021 with 160 side events. During the 24 hours that CAS 2021 lasted, the Adaptation Action Agenda took shape, giving direction to an accelerated approach to climate adaptation over the next 10 years.

What was PINO doing?

A complex programme requires a tight and well-organized approach. PINO supported the organization with the programming. In the months leading up to the Summit, we helped to streamline the story and message of all 12 program components. How to create a catchy and varied online program? During the 24 hours of CAS, this all came together in the World Forum The Hague. From the studio on location, Prime Minister Mark Rutte opened the Summit together with Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management Cora van Nieuwenhuizen. Former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was digitally present at the opening, as were other big names like Angela Merkel and US climate envoy John Kerry. PINO proudly looks back ton this global online event.

Curious how the CAS 2021 looked like? Watch the wrap-up video below. For more videos take a look at CAS TV

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