King opens Floating Office Rotterdam

Opening Floating Office Rotterdam of the GCA

On 6 September the official opening of the Floating Office Rotterdam of the Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) took place. King Willem-Alexander did the opening, Ban Ki-moon was present and IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva gave a speech. PINO took care of the entire logistical organization and execution of this complex high-level meeting.

The opening of the new headquarters of the GCA attracted many international high-level guests with their entourage. This fully energy-neutral and self-sufficient office is moored in the Rijnhaven in Rotterdam. The GCA supports countries, organisations and companies with knowledge, advice and funding for climate adaptation. PINO was approached three weeks before the start of the event to take on the logistics and execution. A complex assignment that we took on with great enthusiasm.

Organising a high-level meeting at this level involves a lot of work. The short organization time and covid measures made the organisation even more complex. The organisation started with arranging transport for all (inter)national guests, such as the international flights and the welcome at Schiphol Airport. PINO arranged all hotel accommodation and a subsequent cultural programme through the Netherlands, including transfer and guidance. For the purpose of the event, PINO set up a complete corona test centre, where all guests were compulsorily tested. After testing, all guests attended the high-level dialogue and the official opening of the new office.

In addition to this logistical operation, PINO also took care of all facilities and other requirements such as a tent, including technology, catering, security and accreditation, guest list with positioning and consultation with the police and the Office of the Royal Family. It was a challenging and intensive collaboration with the client and all other parties involved, but of course also very fun and honorable.



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