About PINO

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PINO works in a no-nonsense, transparent manner with a great sense of hospitality and strong communications. We have a keen eye for your message and every detail. If you sit down with PINO, we will not only be bringing our broad knowledge and 23 years of experience to the table, but also our extensive network.

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What we do

PINO is a full-service conference and events agency based in the city of Utrecht (the Netherlands). With expertise in concept, communication and organization, we create dynamic event productions with physical, online and hybrid solutions for your event needs. Event concepts that are a creative translation of your strategy and match your objectives and target audience. PINO’s project managers advise, coordinate and direct your meeting in terms of communications, logistics and facilities.



Our approach

Your meeting is never an end in itself, but always a means to contribute to your strategy. Many factors influence the success of an event. With our years of experience in the conference and event industry, PINO can advise and guide you in managing these success factors.

Flexibility is key in these times when physical events, conferences or roadshows are back on your calendar, but covid-19 is still among us. We build in this flexibility right from the start of our collaboration. As experienced project managers, we can effortlessly scale up and down. Even during the project organization of your event.

We thus offer you our familiar comfort, quality and security. This is reflected in our approach and can be experienced in our support for your physical, online or hybrid meeting.



PINO has a permanent and professional team of event managers and communication consultants. Together we work on your event issue and make your meeting a success. From the very first ideas to the follow-up as a prelude to your follow-up meeting.

We work with you on a well thought-out out and surprising plan. We will be happy to tell you about our working methods, advise you on programming and decoration and take care of all logistics. We are the director of your event: physical, online or hybrid. Discover our truly caring character and our great sense of personal attention and hospitality.

Would you like to exploit the possibilities of live, online or hybrid meetings? Then let’s meet soon. We don’t have to leave our homes for that!


We offer you security

PINO is your guarantee and maintains a steady balance. By going the extra mile and regularly being one step ahead of you. We are familiar with political interests, strategic choices and complex logistical consequences. We take a proactive approach to any sudden changes After all, there is always a solution. PINO is a Recognised International Conference Organising Agency and a member of the professional association IDEA.

If you sit down with PINO, we will not only be bringing our broad knowledge and experience to the table, but also our extensive network EVERYTHING FOR YOUR SUCCESS!


Because sustainability is a given for us, we are partners of MVO Nederland (corporate social responsibility association) and part of the Plastic Promise community. We always work with solid, reliable partners who excel in what they do. We offer comfort and quality you can count on! Check out the overview of case descriptions.



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